TimeOut Love London 2016 Runner Up

The best shop in Bethnal Green? 

Lamtime-out-runner-up-certificatea’s Pyjamas, the charity shop of the London Buddhist Centre, almost took top prize for best shop in Bethnal Green in this year’s prestigious Time Out Love London awards supported by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. A small independent charity shop on the Roman Road, Lama’s Pyjamas was beaten only by the wonderful Columbia Road Flower Market – long one of the most popular attractions in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and internationally known. The results, announced late November, are based on whoever gets the most public votes in a two month long competition.

There were 37,000 nominations and 124,000 votes for venues in five categories to determine who is best  restaurant, cafe, bar and cultural venues in different parts of London.

Venues first have to make it through to the shortlist in their category for their local are, all based on a popular vote. Then the online voting, which is open to all comer, determines the overall winners. This year saw more people vote than ever in the capital-wide awards.

Says Lama’s Pyjama’s manager Abhayanandi Edwards: “We can’t quite believe we are official Runner Up [for best shop in Bethnal Green] when we are competing with so many great shops in places like Shoreditch just down the road, let alone such a well-known destination as Columbia Rd Flower Market.”Our customers and donors loved getting involved in the competition and we’re really grateful to them for taking the trouble to vote for us. We’re very pleased”.

Adds team member Sally Ramsden:”It all just goes to show you that no matter how well you do, it’s hard to compete with a bunch of flowers. We’re proudly displaying our certificate signed by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in our shop window and hope to do even better next year”.


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