We couldn’t do it without you

Donations are always welcome.We can accept most things in good condition. There a few items though that we can‘t sell or send off.

We can’t take: Electrical goods, plastic toys, duvets , large pieces of furniture, school and work uniforms, dirty, soiled or wet items, food and drink.

We can pass on:  Clothes, shoes and bags that are not in the best shape anymore.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, you can join our government-supported Gift Aid scheme for charities.  This gives us 25% extra in government tax relief on each of your items that we sell. This makes a huge difference to our business and so we are always very grateful when you choose to help us in this way. There is no obligation at all though and your donations are valuable and much appreciated in any case.

To do Gift Aid, you’ll need to fill in a quick form in the shop and then we will email you every so often to let you know how much money you have made for us . Many people tell us how much they like receiving this information as it means they know what a difference their donation is making.


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